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Chain Pulley Blocks :-
"QUICKLIFT" Chain Pulley Blocks are light weight, rugged, compact and owing to superior design, less hand power is required to lift heavy loads. Grade 80 alloy steel chains uniformly electrically butt welded and heat treated to give ductility, toughness & wear resistance are fitted instead of Grade 30 or Grade 40 chains used by cheaper makes Chain Pulley Blocks are available in range of 1 ton capacity to 10 tonnes capacity after being tested to 50 % overload capacity. Conforms to the testing requirements of ISI.

Technical Detail :-
: As al the parts are made with the help of over 300 jigs, fixtures, press tools, gauges, interchangeability is assured and can be purchased by referring the part number as shown in the accompanied drawing.

Design :Owing to superior and compact design for smooth & quick operation, less hand power is required to lift heavy load.

Frame Construction : Frame work and all other parts are constructed from tested steel plates and assembly by means of bolts and rivets etc.

Gears : Gears are accurately machined from special alloy steel and case hardened so as to avoid the rubbing frictions and allow the maximum efficiency.


Gears Cover : The aesthetically designed, deep drawn gear cover made from EDDQ CR sheer has been push fitted on the main frame thus preventing the gear box from the out side environment.

LOAD CHAIN : Grade 80 IS : 6216 alloy steel chains uniformly electrically butt welded and heat treated to give ductility and toughness and wear resistance. Accurately calibrated to ensure free movement. Each link is tested to twice the safe working load and can withstand shock loads.

HAND CHAIN WHEELS : The hand chain wheels are cold pressed from MS sheets having cleaner pockets than conventional C.I. Wheels. This feature make the wheel light, strong and more friendlier to hand chain. It is in turn provided with guides to revent snagging and fouling of hand chain.

HOOKS : Forged heavy duty hooks manufactured from tested steel conforming to I.S.S. 3815, designed to withstand shock load.

BRAKE : Easy and reliable in position friction disc brakes which apply automatically on my load position whether moving up or down.

CHAIN GUIDES : These are designed so as to check the jumping of the chains out of the pockets of their respective wheels.

BALL BEARINGS :  For smooth operation ball bearings are used in each block.

TESTED LOAD :  All blocks are tested to 50 % over load capacity. Conforms to the testing requirements of I.S.I.

PRESERVATION TREATMENT : The working surface are covered with grease and all the non working surfaces are painted with paints and powder coating.

IMPROVEMENTS : Our engineering department continuously works on design and improvement of parts and hence we reserve the right of effecting any change.

GUARANTEE : All blocks are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of one year, F.O.R. our works.