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Our Brand "QUICKLIFT" is the fruit of successful interaction between the experience, technology between the experience, technological skill, talent of our engineering team. For more than three decades; our futuristic approach, vision to lead and a thirsting desire to excel made us a leading group in manufacturing a wide material handling equipment in Indian industry.

Customer satisfaction begins by being proactive. Our quality product is incorporated with quality support. We achieved customer's satisfaction by perseverance and has successfully serviced the industry by providing material handling products all over the country in all segments viz. Mini & Heavy steel plants, Paper plants, Engineering workshops, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals units and all woolen mills etc. our strength lies in our capacity to deal rapidly and effectively with any challenge. We are the established manufacturers of these products.

Throughout its hostory, QUICKLIFT has been developing quality material handling Products to serve many new and diversified industries. The experience that we have gained over the past 25 years has enabled us to design and manufacture the most technologically advanced Material handling Equipments in Indian Industry. Today we promise a quality product, together with the quality support you need. Our service assurance from concept to delivery, we offer the most reliable material handling equipments at competitive prices with low-maintenance-performance.

Chain Pulley Blocks :-
"QUICKLIFT" Chain Pulley Blocks are light weight, rugged, compact and owing to superior design, less hand power is required to lift heavy loads. Grade 80 alloy steel chains uniformly electrically butt.... more..

"QUICKLIFT" E.O.T. Double Girder & Single Girder Cranes are designed to support the most severe combinations of the loads, with the working load in teh most unfavourable position. Various ISI Standard ..... more..

"QUICKLIFT" Electric Wire Rope Hoists are rugged, efficient and dependable for the overhead material handling performance you require. "QUICKLIFT" hoists incorporates standard hoist......more..

GOODS LIFT :- "QUICKLIFT" Goods Lift is a fine product based on years of research and experience gained from installing and operating goods lift in almost every environment ranging from Hosiery, Textile, Showrooms.. more..